!!! Welcome to KMR (K Map-Reduce)

This is KMR (K Map-Reduce), a high-performance map-reduce library.
KMR-1.0 is available on K Computer in "/opt/aics/kmr" now (2013-04-26).

KMR is a set of high-performance map-reduce operations in the MPI (Message Passing Interface) environment. It is targeted to large-scale computers with thousands nodes, especially to ones such as Fujitsu K and FX10. KMR works on clusters as well.

KMR assumes large amount of memory and designed to work on-memory, whereas most map-reduce implementations are designed to work with external (disk-based) operations. So, data exchanges in KMR occur as message passing instead of remote file operations. The KMR routines work in bulk-synchronous and the most part of the code is single-threaded, but the code inside the mapper and reducer includes compiler directives for OpenMP threading.

* Overview and API Document:
** [http://mt65.aics.riken.jp/kmrdoc/kmr-1.0/html/index.html]]
** It is a Doxgen Generated document.
* KMR Issue Tracker:
** [https://mt65.aics.riken.jp/jtrac/]
** Please make a new user by the login-page to report a new issue.
* Project Overview and other Activities of the Team:
** [http://mt.aics.riken.jp]

* Overview and API Document (newer, corrected, for next release):
** [http://mt65.aics.riken.jp/kmrdoc/newest/html/index.html]]


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