Welcome to KMR (K Map-Reduce)#

This is KMR (K Map-Reduce), a high-performance map-reduce library. KMR-1.0 is available on K Computer in "/opt/aics/kmr" now (2013-04-26).

KMR is a set of high-performance map-reduce operations in the MPI (Message Passing Interface) environment. It is targeted to large-scale computers with thousands nodes, especially to ones such as Fujitsu K and FX10. KMR works on clusters as well.

KMR assumes large amount of memory and designed to work on-memory, whereas most map-reduce implementations are designed to work with external (disk-based) operations. So, data exchanges in KMR occur as message passing instead of remote file operations. The KMR routines work in bulk-synchronous and the most part of the code is single-threaded, but the code inside the mapper and reducer includes compiler directives for OpenMP threading.


KMR comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This wiki also comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Contents are liable to change.

Are you lost?, for wiki on mt65 try: https://mt65.aics.riken.jp/wiki/